Close your eyes and jump

Who’s up for a chicken tikka naan open sandwich?

I’ve taken a big fat scary leap. If I was the statistical type I’d say it was 7432 kilometres (as the crow flies) worth of big and fat.

Jumping from Sydney, Australia to San Francisco shouldn’t be scary – we both speak the same language, do things pretty much the same way, use the same phones and computers and cars. And yet everything has a slight twist of ‘well that’s bloody strange’.

Cars stop for you when you’re crossing the road. And I don’t just mean at pedestrian crossings. If you sidle slightly close to the kerbside and look like you may be entertaining the inclination to cross, cars will come to a halt.

The money is confusing. Yes, I feel like a moron, but who decided $1 bills should be a thing? And change that all looks exactly the same! I know a quarter is 25c, but a dime? One cent pieces should definitely be a thing of the past people.

There is no “small, medium or large” when it comes to drinks. It’s all “tall” or “grande” or “popcorn bucket sized”. And the recycling bins are confusing. Does my serviette go in the compost or recycling bin? For the love of saving the planet somebody write me a definitive list so I stop getting funny looks.

But there are hiking trails everywhere, a breeze to blow the heck out of summer humidity and people who smile and say hello and good morning.

There will be fun and laughter and a whole lot of adventure in this place. I can feel it.

The best way that I could think to join up with Denyse Whelan Blogs‘ new Life This Week linkup was to talk about the beginning of my journey to San Francisco. I wrote this post exactly a week after I arrived in SF. I think it’s the perfect post for this week’s
#Beginnings prompt. Thanks Denyse!

13 thoughts on “Close your eyes and jump

  1. Yay for big fat changes!! I've not travelled much at all (yet & at 65 I'd better get cracking!) yet I did go to SF as part of a U.S. Trip in 2006. All you say about money & sizes of stuff resonated! It's cray cray about the $1 bills.. And 1c change! Enjoy…have fun & I'll be following your blog. What's your IG name? I'm denysewhelan & it's set at private – just needs request! Denyse

  2. Definitely start up your bucket list Denyse! There's so much to see and so many things to do. Heh, I'm using all the self service checkouts and feeding them my change as much as possible.
    I'll add you to IG now!

  3. It was good to revisit this too for me, K! I think american money is 'stoopid' but that's already been said. How appropriate was this post for "life this week"! Very! Thanks for linking up. Denyse

  4. I spent a few weeks in America several years ago and loved every minute of it. The people were so friendly and chatty. We hired a car and did some driving down to Washington and saw the most amazing places. I had difficulty with the size of the meals; they were HUGE. Trying to order a coffee was a mine field. The money took time to get used to, but I had the best time. It's definitely one of the places I would like to return to.

  5. I've never been to America but I can imagine it would still be a huge culture shock! When I visited the Philippines, my tummy was unsettled so I ordered plain white bread and butter from room service – but the bread was SWEET! Ugh. I was told their version of bread is like America's, so I would definitely struggle with that if I was there!

  6. It is really lovely here – and California really is a second Sydney for me. The climate and the people are basically the same. I haven't been to Washington yet but it's on my list. If you have any favourite places here I'd love to hear about them.
    You're right though, the meals a huge and I have the extra KGs to prove it šŸ˜‰

  7. Oh my gosh Janet, the bread here is diabolical. I'm sorry that you had to deal with it in the Philippines. So my parents are both Maltese so carbs and bread are a HUGE deal to us. But unless I bake it myself, I cannot eat the bread here. It's way too sweet!

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