The San Francisco Bucket List

Yep, that’s me on the right: cranky, balding and slightly strange.
 I need a Morgan Freeman to play opposite my Jack Nicholson. That’s right kids, I’m getting all old and making a Bucket List. Actually it’s more like I don’t want to be that person who moves to a new state/country and then forgets to fit in all the cool stuff.
Suddenly they revoke your visa or don’t renew it (Just for the record, I totally love each and every member of the Department of Homeland Security. You guys are the actual best and not at all scary), and you haven’t done half of the things any self-respecting tourist would have hit up.
So here’s my list in black, white and orange, published on the interwebs because everyone knows that it’s impossible to really erase anything from that “series of tubes” (Thank you Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens… just keeping the meme alive here).
 I’m walking the line between weird and tourist. Let me know if you’ve got suggestions to add.
Feeling ghost-y already.

1. Winchester Mystery House: A house built by the widow of the Winchester gun magnate… over 38 years to appease the ghosts of people murdered by Winchester weapons. As you do.
2. Blackhorse London Pub:
When in Rome you’ve got to visit the tiniest pub available. I’m bound to feel exponentially more awkward here.

Megan, who writes the awesome Peachsponge blog, would love this place.
 3. Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia:  This one probably has to wait until Megan visits or she may employ the aforementioned Winchester on me.
4. The Labyrinth: Grace Cathedral has a Labyrinth and if I don’t get struck by lightning on my way in, it might be worth a shot. It’s probably close to being maze-like and I blitzed the Hampton Court version, so it’s time to bring on the big guns.
You should have listened to your mum and stood up straight when you were a kid!
      5. Golden Gate Park Bison: Apparently there is a paddock of Bison on JFK Drive, San Francisco that I haven’t visited. This needs to be rectified.
      6. The USS Pampanito: Obviously an exercise in testing my claustrophobia, but also a WWII submarine that you can tour.
 Arrgh me hearties! I need me a peg leg.
      7. Pirate Supply Store: It’s San Francisco’s only “independent” Pirate Supply Store. I don’t exactly understand what that means, but it sounds serious.
      8. Presidio Pet Cemetery: For one reason alone – this Yelp review… now who wants to be my Valentine’s date?   


      9. Camera Obscura: From what I can tell there’s a hut where they use mirrors and lenses to project a view of the coast like a giant camera. It sounds contraptioney.
     10. Zeitgeist Bar: I’m hoping it’s not just a clever name.
They’re for adults! How could they not be, they’re huge slides!
      11. Seward Street Slides: Huge slides. For Free. BYO cardboard. What could possibly go wrong?
12. B
almy Alley Murals: An alley in the Mission District full of talented people’s artwork.
13. Hippie-it-up at Harbin Hot Springs: Described as a “hot spring community deep in the mountains”, this can only mean one thing – hippies and lots of them. I hear that parts of it are nudist. I will not be reporting on the veracity of these claims. ALWAYS sticking to the mandatory clothes option.
14. Phipps Country Store and Farm: You can take the girl out of the farm… I’m missing the animals obviously.
Let’s ignore the dead things and just check out the weird shit
      15. Taxidermy etc: The only way that I can think of to describe “Loved to Death”, which is your go-to place for shrunken heads. I’m ignoring the dead animals … maybe they died naturally? I hope. Yeah I’m sticking my head in the sand on this one.
16. Nightlife at the Academy:
Take The California Academy of Sciences, add a dance floor and multiple bars and you have the kind of science that I’ll really enjoy… but may not fully remember.
That view… Picture:
      17. Lands End Trail: If only for the name. And the views.
18. Alamo Square Shoe Garden: Old shoes should always be reused as pots.
19. German Tourist Club: You hike through the Mt Tam woods and end up at the club for beer and board games. It’s like someone wrapped up my idea of heaven.
I’m never leaving. Ever.
      20. City Lights Bookstore: Because I haven’t lost a day to books in a while.
21. Cinnamon Roll: Can one of these be to eat a cinnamon scroll every day for the next year and three quarters? That’s a challenge I’m bound to smash.
You just know that Rodin would be jealous of this guy
    22. Albany Bulb dog park: A former tip turned into a park with sculptures made of rubbish. Right up my pseudo-hipster alley. 
    23. Sunset: From Bolinas Ridge, especially to see the sun setting into the fog. 
    24. Chinatown Ghost Tours: Because Chinatown isn’t scary enough by day. They have catacombs and tunnels as well. 
    25. Musee Mecanique: Where they have the world’s largest privately owned collection of mechanically operated musical instruments and antique arcade games. They’re as creepy-looking as you’re imagining.

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20 thoughts on “The San Francisco Bucket List

  1. I am absolutely heart broken that a trip to the baseball stadium to see a Giants game did not make the list – I'm seriously going to have to reconsider our friendship – PMSL !!!!!
    I think you would be better with a blanket on #11 instead of cardboard !!
    Have fun – those sound like great plans for the next 15 months xox

  2. A bucket list of San Francisco can be as long as you like. There are so many great things to do in and around the Bay area, you are spoiled for choice. Some great things you mentioned here that I wasn't even aware of.

  3. From this list, I have only been to City Lights and Musee Mecanique. Seems like I need to visit San Francisco more often (only been once which is a shame). I use to create a yearly bucket list for Los Angeles and was able to visit several places. That Yelp review about the pet cemetery is kind of crazy! #wkendtravelinspiration

  4. This is a great list and awesome ideas for my next visit. if you like oysters i would add to your list a visit to the Hog Island Oyster Co. on Rte 1 near Marshall. It's exceedingly casual — BYO everything but the oysters. but it's fun and the oysters are amazing.

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