When your luck runs out…

My extremely religious and (therefore strangely) superstitious Aunty has a little phrase for our family: “Xortina Hazina”. In English it’s plain and simple: “We have bad luck”. The Maltese version has much more of a kick in the face to it.
So whenever something lacklustre happens my brothers and I always exchange “xortina hazina” texts and laugh it off. Who believes in that stuff anyway? It’s ridiculous to think that the universe has it in for you right? RIGHT? *cue crazy eyes*

For what feels like a very short time, I used to be a distance runner. Massive emphasis on “used to be”. In May 2015 I was well into training for the San Francisco marathon, but eight kilometres into a 28km run, my hip gave out.  It wasn’t playing anymore and my favourite type of run – the weekly long run – turned into agony.
After ten months and two attempts at getting back into running, I finally decided to see an orthopedic specialist to get it sorted out.
It’s hard to explain, but I miss running so much. There’s a hole in my routine, my life and in the way that I deal with stress, that I just can’t seem to fill. To put it mildly, it sucks the big one. But my lovely friend JollyRunner explains it much more eloquently here. Why should I have to give up something I worked so hard at and love so much? I didn’t get the time to get all my goals done with.
I have two options for getting back out there:
1) An injection for the pain and then more work to strengthen my terrible muscles. This won’t fix my torn cartilage and may not stop the misshapen bone from causing more damage later on. There’s also a high possibility of arthritis thrown into the mix.
2) Surgery to fix the tear and shave (for want of a more informed word) the bone into proper shape. Then it’ll be a year before I can get back to running and even then it may not be possible. That was a point that was made abundantly clear.
Option three is to ignore it and hope it goes away. Which I’ve already tried. It hurts to walk and driving or sitting for a long time is decidedly unfun.
So this is where the bad luck comes in. When bad things happen, it’s usually to the Nth degree. I couldn’t just have tendonitis or bursitis or a labral tear. Nope, I’ve got to have all of those things plus a weirdly shaped bone that’ll just keep chipping away if I don’t do something about it.
I know I’m laying on the melodrama a little thick right now – it’s all so fresh at the moment. Also I hate making adult decisions.
If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my hibernation chamber sooking.Joining the Sunday Fitness and Food link up.

14 thoughts on “When your luck runs out…

  1. Oh Kat – I'm so sorry to hear this – you are right – it sucks big time !!! I'm with you – I don't want to play at adulting anymore, I want to be a kid again and know what I know now so I can do things differently.

    It's probably still all new and raw for you – take some time to think it over before you make a decision. In the meantime, hang in there – sending heaps of love from across the waves xox

  2. So wait ignoring things doesn't work? That's how I deal with everything, dammit.

    Maybe you might have to find a new exercise you like – swimming (regular or synchronised), table tennis, or mini golf?

  3. IKR?!? Who knew that wasn't a viable method of dealing with stuff? Does this mean you're going to stop ignoring stuff too? LOL.

    Dude, I'm already THE BOMB at mini golf. Take me on, I'll wipe the floor with everyone! Heh, actually I was thinking of taking up croquet. Are you in?

  4. Really sorry to hear about your injury. What a tough decision to make. Hopefully you come to a solution that works best for you and allows you eventually get back to running.

  5. Kat – as a fellow runner I certainly understand your deep pain about not running. Once you really get to to know running and and how running makes you feel, it's hard to ever give it up. I struggle with hip pain periodically, too, like lots of runners. I panic when it happens, because it really is super painful, and yes, it can hurt 24/7. So far I have been lucky to get it under control with stretching, Yoga and occasional anti-inflamatories, including an anti-inflammation diet. I hope you will find the best solution for your hip pain and I hope that eventually you will be out there running miles again!! Feel better very soon!

  6. Ugh, that is so frustrating! I know that is a big surgery, so I am sure your decision of whether or not to do it is difficult. I have had some injuries and have had to sit out as well, so I know that feeling of a "hole" in your routine. One thing that helped me was being able to still bike & swim, not sure if these may be options for you? Thanks so much for sharing your post at the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up.

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