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Heat and ice are every runner’s friend
This week I got to compare Australian physiotherapy (known as physio to us) with American Physical Therapy, PT for short (working that out entailed a strange conversation about personal trainers).
My PT appointment left me slightly confused and disappointed. I should possibly explain that at home, physiotherapists are feared and loved in equal measure.
They cause much pain, usually with massage, acupuncture or needling, strange machines that use electric current, a bunch of tape and an abundance of heat packs. I’m not saying they immediately solve all of your problems, but they give it a fair go.
When I first injured my hip in Sydney last year, I went to an amazing(ly pain inducing) physio who not only diagnosed my problem but did most of the above to keep me moving. I got acupuncture, massaged until I was crying on the table, some strange adjustments involving a seat belt contraption and heat packed to oblivion.
Sometimes the physio lets you run a half marathon… if you tape your feet
I had the complete opposite experience on Wednesday when I visited the PT my orthopedic specialist had referred me to.
My specialist had presumably sent her notes on my injury but even though, I expected the PT to do her own examination or at least talk to me about my injury.
The appointment consisted of her demonstrating some exercises for me to do at home and watching me to make sure I was doing them correctly. Then she asked me whether I was considering having surgery done and giving me examples of how that kind of operation is more miss than hit. It was a completely different picture from what I’d read online and that my specialist had explained to me.
Remember when I had these ridiculously awesome Brooks joggers? And I could run?
So my options for exercise seem to be further restricted now to “anything that doesn’t cause pain”. So I have to give up walking now I guess, heh.
I’d love to hear whether this is a normal situation in the US, or if I’ve just landed a strange PT.