Street Fairs of America

I’m a sucker for a market, a carnival or a fair and in America they just seem to do them right. I could drone on for ages about why I think that is, or I could write a list of the things that make US fairs so great.

Let’s go with the latter, shall we? I’m using today’s visit to the San Carlos Art & Wine Faire. Here we go, in no particular order.


There is always live music happening, from a multitude of stages. Today I saw a jazz band and a rock n roll band without even trying. They’re made up of members of all ages and they’re not just good, they’re spot on most of the time. There’s always a crowd and it’s just a lot of fun.



You can have all the awesome tunes that you want – that doesn’t mean that anyone’s paying attention right? Well the crowds are what make fairs as great as they are. I guarantee you that there will always be people dancing in front of those bands. They don’t care if they’re the only ones on the dancefloor or whether they’re sharing it with 100 others – they’re going to tear it up in the same way.


Where else are you going to find a person wearing a t-shirt with the words “Zumba Man” ironed onto the back? Nowhere! Case closed. He danced off down the street. You can’t buy that kind of self confidence.


I challenge you not to find some interesting stuff at a street fair. Jewelry made out of cutlery, autumn decorations that you’re only going to pull out once a year – if you remember them at all, tie dye in all the colours of the rainbow (at once), or tiny terrariums to hang from your ceiling.


I don’t know what it is, but Californians take their pets with them EVERYWHERE. And street fairs are great places to go animal watching. Particularly for those who enjoy a cunning canine. They’re all leashed up, sometimes decked out in costumes and ready to party!


You’d probably have expected this to be my first go-to, but I thought I’d save it to the end. Fair food is legendary, and especially so in California because of the proliferation of food trucks. There’s too much to choose from and not enough space in your stomach.
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19 thoughts on “Street Fairs of America

  1. Looks like great fun! Do you know what intrigues me… and I can't remember the name… but the things that have at football matches, like in a carpark – BBQs in the trays of their utes or something… damn… that's gonna annoy me now!

  2. We are all about markets too – no matter where we are. The best thing is looking to see how many markets we can get to while we are away for the weekend / on holiday / at home !!

  3. Sweet! I reckon this is awesome. They have a few fairs and country shows around here and I've been to a few. It really is a good way to socialise and get out and about..and buy cakes (as I did recently) that were YUMMY. Thanks for joining the linky and educating your readers about life where you are now!

  4. This looks awesome! Especially the food. Reminds me that there is now a new night market in my suburb on Friday evenings and I haven't been yet. I'm not gonna get to the states any time soon, so I may as well go to a local one!

  5. They were missing cakes Denyse! I didn't even realise it until you mentioned it. There was no cake stall and now I feel ripped off.
    I couldn't think of 10 things for this week's prompt so I went with fun stuff I'm doing instead šŸ˜‰

  6. What is it with Californians and their dogs? When we were on a wine tour one of the couples were from Boston, and she said it was totally different with dogs on the east coast! We went to the Ferry Terminal farmers market when we were in town and it was so similar to this, plus there were naked old guys in their own sort of modern art show! Anything goes in San Fran!

  7. Weird stuff you have not seen until you go to Folsom Street Fair, not a good idea to take the kids. It will make your jaw drop. Try best to close it. It will be open again in a couple mins.

    1. Bahahaha, I keep thinking about doing a blog on that, but I’m not sure I could post the pictures and remain a “family-friendly blog”.

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