San Francisco Botanical Garden in Pictures

 The San Francisco Botanical Garden staff LOVE New Zealand. There are a few subtle hints pointing to this fact and I’m here to blow this conspiracy wide open.

The public garden, which costs $8 for adults, less for children and residents, is situated so that it offers a range of climates perfect for plants from across the world. It’s organised by region and what sits smack in the middle? That’s right: New Zealand. 

I’ve got nothing against our neighbours across the “dutch” (that was an NZ joke. Because they say “dutch” instead of “ditch”… nevermind) but surely we’ve all come to the conclusion that Australia is the undisputed Queen of Oceania. That takes into consideration all definitions of the word. But we’ve been snubbed. Thrown into a corner next to an exit.  

Alright, I can’t keep up this ridiculous faux outrage. All I know is that I’m a stickler for getting lost and every time I tried to find my way to the Australian garden, I ended up in New Zealand. It must be a special maze put in for the cartographically-challenged Australians. I just found out that cartography is the art of drawing maps, not reading them. This just gets worse and worse!
In any case, I visited the San Francisco Botanical Garden a few weeks ago to see the “Magnificent Magnolias”, which were listed on the website as being in bloom now. They weren’t then. But they could be now. 
Out of the 23 mapped Magnolia trees, there were buds on just one (that I saw, forgive me if I missed a few). But it’s a garden, nature doesn’t work like clockwork, sometimes they’re going to bloom, sometimes they’re just going to sit there looking at you while internally chanting “you can’t tell us what to do”.
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I wasn’t disappointed, there was heaps to keep my somewhat-feeble attention span when it comes to plants. The gardens are split into groups depending on climate and are easily traversed in a few hours. Or bring a picnic and stay a little longer.

Map courtesy of San Francisco Botanical Garden.

I could talk about a place like this all day, but let’s be honest, a photo is way more interesting and less time consuming for you. I may have gone a bit overboard in the photographic stakes. It was fun and I was testing out a Google Pixel. Enjoy!

38 thoughts on “San Francisco Botanical Garden in Pictures

  1. 'Across the ditch / dutch'… that phrase always brings a smile to my face.

    These gardens look like my kind of place. I'm not a gardener but like you, the sheer volume of variety at the garden would definitely keep me going.

    SSG xxx

  2. How beautiful this is! It sure could have been the place I visited very briefly on my wet/rainy/foggy tour of San Fran. I visited the Japanese Gardens in Cowra. They too are amazing. Nothing from NZ there as far as I recall. Thank you for linking up for Life This Week 5/52. Next week's prompt is "How Much Money is Enough".

  3. That place sounds and looks amazing. Thanks for including the map, helps me dream I'm someplace warmer typing this instead of under three blankets. It seems like a place to get lost in over and over again. It's great they've made it handicap accessible.

  4. Looks so gorgeous- I really wanted to visit but ran out of time. I suspect I'd have got just as lost… though a lovely place to get lost in. And finding Australia proved a struggle for a lot of people over the years 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  5. We didn't make it to the Botanical Gardens when we were in SF last fall, but we did spend some time in Golden Gate Park. We stopped at the Conservatory of Flowers and Japanese Garden. They were both beautiful and that area has so much to see and do.

  6. It was beautiful on a crisp, clear morning. Probably the kind of weather that you're longing for right now. I hope the heat doesn't last too much longer for you. I don't think that I've ever been to Japanese Gardens, those would be beautiful too.

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