Street art in LA’s Arts District


We stumbled across the street art in the LA Arts District by accident, while walking off brunch.

It’s those happy accidents that I want more of. And a little less of the ones where you find out at the airport you need a visa to enter Canada, even though the website told you that you were fine.

This post is going to mostly be photo-filled, because the street art really speaks for itself, and let’s face it, the pictures are what you’re really here for. But first I want to talk a little bit about the LA Arts District.


It’s actually run by a non-profit organisation at the moment, that aims to utilise artists talents to beautify the area and make it a nicer place to work and live. But in the 1970s a group of artists began taking over the downtown area because of cheap rents in warehouses that they could both work and live in.

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Not content with just working out of the area, the artists began using the spaces as galleries and so a scene began to form. The buildings weren’t technically allowed to be used as an art precinct but the industrial-use clause was later lifted.

LA street art

It didn’t receive the official Arts District title until the mid-1990s, when a petition was accepted. Many artists still live in the area and their works run the gamut of styles.


LA street art

LA Street Art

LA street art

LA Street Art

LA street art

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44 thoughts on “Street art in LA’s Arts District

  1. Oh those are great. Fabuluous idea to extend the artwork onto the outside of the buidlings they work in. Can you get to go and poke around the studios and such too?

  2. I love this! Amazing photos. Murals are so fun! They have a bunch in Reno and I want to spend a day or three exploring and photographing. You really catch the essence of them.

    1. That’s great Bri! Reno is on my list of places to get to… and you’ve just given me another reason to get there 🙂

  3. This is one of my favorite areas in the city. We visit often. Even locals are not aware of the vibrancy of the neighborhood. They still think about how Downton “used to be.” I need to go back since there are some of these I have not seen. #citytripping

    1. Oh great, I’m so happy that we found it Ruth. Our plan was to kill some time and get to see a bit more of the city, we had no idea we were going to find these cool art works!

  4. I’ve recently seen a lot of amazing street art in LA and now I’m desperate to check it out the next time we’re home in Cali!! #CityTripping

    1. I’m not a big bruncher, this is probably only the third in my life. But if this kind of things happen after brunch then I’m going to have to get into it.

  5. That is some great street art! I’ve heard about the district but didn’t make it when I visited LA. I did check out Mission District in SF and all the murals!! #wanderfulwednesday

    1. That’s also on my list Anna. I mean I’ve seen some of it but not lots, and I haven’t photographed it yet.

  6. How cool! Another place to add to the “See SF List.” At this rate, I’ll have to move there to see all the things I want to see. You’re such an enabler!

    1. You’ll have to do this after your Disney run! It’s in LA… but worth it 🙂
      And maybe my plan is to have you move here

  7. I’m really mad because not all of your pictures are loading (my WIFI is slow AF today), and I LOVE street art. The one’s I can see though are amazing! I had no idea that LA had such an awesome street art scene!

    1. If I know there’s some good street art, I’ll go to see it. Unfortunately I forgot to look that up before we went to LA.

    1. Even the ones you find on your way to other places are great (sometimes better because you weren’t expecting to find them).

  8. I’ve never been to LA but this looks amazing! I would love to just spend a day (or longer) seeing all the street art in the city! Wow! #flyawayfriday

  9. I live in LA and only drive past them most of the time. I never remember where any of them were either! Haha! Love all the ones you found! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday – see you this weekend! xo

    1. That’s the thing when you live in a “destination”, it all blends in and you tend not to notice as much.

    1. I’ll be there with bells on. Or something. Hope you have a good time in LA! I’m sure the weather will be nice at that time of year.

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