Halloween may have snuck up on me this year, but that doesn’t mean I missed out on the corn mazes.

Everywhere you look people are decorating their yards and windows with Jack-o’-Lanterns, witches, brooms and ghosts.

Meanwhile I feel like I blinked in August and suddenly it was mid-October. So what’s the best way to get into the Halloween spirit quickly?

Corn mazes and fun times

You could visit a pumpkin patch and carve your own (instructions there) or if you’re lucky enough to be in San Francisco there’s always the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival (on this weekend).

But I’ve been there and done that already. It was time for me to do something I’d been dreaming of for years – get lost in as many corn mazes as possible.


You’re probably wondering “where am I going to find one of those?”. If you’re in the bay area (or even in the east bay) the answer is simple: everywhere.

I drove all the way out to Dixon to try my luck at the Guinness World Record holding Cool Patch Pumpkins maze. But there are plenty much closer to home.

Scroll to the end to see a list and links to some of them.


I am so organisationally challenged that it didn’t even cross my mind that I’d get a map or that I’d be able to plan a route through the corn maze before I stepped in.

Corn maze map

I should have known better though, because the Dixon Cool Patch Pumpkins corn maze is famous for one thing: being a Guinness World Record holder.

Brothers Matt and Mark Cooley first won the record for the world’s largest corn maze in 2007, then expanded it to 63 acres in 2014 to take the title for a second time.

So of course you need a map to navigate through it.

It took me a good 20 minutes of sitting on the comfy couches provided, to map my route. With a few restarts for dead ends and the like.


If you’re early the crowds aren’t too bad and you step over the bridge and into the corn maze to total silence.

Nothing but the wind swaying the corn above your head and miles of corn-tunnels ahead of you.

Corn mazes Dixon

That serenity can be a good and a not-so-great thing, especially if you’re afraid of being lost. Take a group if you need the reassurance of having others with you to make decisions and feel secure.


Despite my carefully laid plans and a pen line to follow through the maze, it’s easy to get a bit dazed and confused.

Especially if you’re spatially challenged like I am. I found the rings (kinda like Olympic rings) really difficult to navigate. It’s hard to see where you should leave one and get into the next.

I spent a fair bit of my first hour thoroughly lost and wandering aimlessly. It was fun.


The Cool Patch Pumpkins maze has viewing bridges at intervals throughout the maze.

So you can look back at the start line, where you’ve been, see some of the patterns made in the corn and cheer on others as they make their way through.

It’s also a lovely view from up there and a great place for a little snack.


Don’t be too worried, the guys who built the maze also include some handy coordinate sticks in the ground to help you find where you are on the map.

Corn maze coordinates

So you’re never going to be totally lost (see above). There’s no need to panic (or call 911 – apparently it happens), just find your coordinates on the map and keep on trekking!


When some people heard I was excited about running through this corn maze, they thought I was strange or at least starved for entertainment.

It’s so much fun though! It’s a test of your skills and would be a great way for kids to hone their problem solving skills. Just remember to take lots of water and a few snacks with you and you’re golden!


North Bay

East Bay



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