About Me

Hi, I’m Katherine, or Kat whenever the whim takes me.  Born in Australia to Maltese parents, I’ve lived in Sydney, London, Perth and have settled in San Francisco (for a while).

After completing a communications degree and spending a few years as a journalist I decided to try my luck at expat life.

Each move (except my home town of Sydney) were solo jaunts across the country and the globe. I was looking for adventure, a career boost and a new way of looking at the world.

I got into journalism to tell stories and to give people enough information to help them navigate tricky or overwhelming life situations. So naturally, I began writing Bright Lights of America in 2015 to tell my (sometimes funny) story of life in the US, interspersed with tips on moving to and living in America.

The bonus is that I get to travel a beautiful part of the world, and a California road trip is never far from my thoughts. It just means that I’m rounding up the best holiday and long weekend destinations and delivering them straight to you.

Warning: Since I’m forced to spell in American English at my day job, I’ll be using British/Australian English spelling right here. It makes me feel more at home, and I hope it does for you too.

Happy Travels!