Australian TV shows to watch in the US

If you’re looking for Australian TV shows to watch in the US you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be updating this post as regularly as possible, including the Australian TV shows that have been picked up by US streaming services and cable channels. Because sometimes it’s nice to hear your own accent echoed back […]

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Tips for returning home after living abroad

You might have spent years or just months living in another country as an expat, but you’ve decided it’s time to pack your bags and go home. Returning home after living abroad can bring a lot of emotions from being excited to see friends and family, to being unsure if you’l still fit into your […]

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The life of an Aussie nomad

Living the life of an Aussie nomad seems to be pretty high on the bucket list for lots of young’uns these days. And some of the older generation too, not to discriminate there. But there’s a genuine level of stress and uncertainty involved before you bring yourself to jump into the frequent traveller lifestyle. Aussie […]

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Travelling for Christmas (a festive guide)

When you’re travelling for Christmas, or just living in a new country, Christmas can feel a little foreign (pun intended). You might be in a completely different hemisphere than you’re used to. Which is the case for me – a winter Christmas feels a little gloomy and dark. Or you might just be in a […]

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A year long US road trip

What happens when you pack up your life, including three children in Australia, and take them on a year long US road trip? I’d like to say magic. But I’m thinking that it’d be more like 365 days worth of swings and roundabouts. And an adventure of kid wrangling and fun, all wrapped up in […]

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16 questions Americans ask Australian expats

It’s no secret that I’ve lived in the US for a good while now (just over three years). And for the most part, the questions about Australia have slowed to a trickle. But every now and then I’ll meet someone new and get bombarded with a variation on this list of questions that Americans ask […]

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Aussies Round the World: From Victoria to three different continents

Moving overseas is almost easy nowadays – from the bunch of expat groups and businesses ready to give you advice, to organisations ready to help with the visa process. But that’s mostly if you’re using the well-worn path of the common westernised expat countries. How many of us have really, truly considered a move to […]

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Americanised Australian food (and drink)

Americans have a special talent for making cuisines from other country their own. Usually by employing the use of a deep fryer and various condiments. It’s all about catering to the American tastebud, which seems to be big on saturated fat, salt, and a tonne of sugar (to wildly generalise). So when Aussie expats move […]

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An expat’s guide to preparing for natural disasters

When it comes to preparing for natural disasters, expats can be excused for feeling lost. They might not have grown up in a country or city prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tropical storms, wildfires or tornadoes. So they don’t have the experience of watching parents of friends prepare themselves for the inevitable. They don’t know […]

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30 Travel tips from (almost) 20 years of travelling

Doing maths in the morning is never a signal that the day will go well (for me). But when it means working out exactly how long I’ve been hopping on planes to the other side of the world, there’s a slight silver lining. Yes, I’m older than I feel or remember, but that also means […]

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10 Things to avoid on a plane or in an airport

I went home to Sydney last week for a few days, which meant a big chunk of flying in a small amount of time. It gave me the chance to experience some pretty awful behaviour on the part of some travellers. And since I’m nothing if not polite and accommodating, I let it all go, […]

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My Health Record for Australian expats

While the Australian government truly begins the job of convincing people that its online health record plan will ultimately benefit them, Australian expats might be left scratching their heads. Will it be at all useful to the thousands of Australian expats spread across the globe? Should we be worried about data breaches? And what if […]

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