Setting up a company in the US (for Aussies)

The Australian market is a small one in the grand scheme of things. Aussies know that if they really want to make it big, setting up a company in the US is the way to go. But where do you begin with what seems like a monumental task? What do you need to know in […]

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52 weird things about working in Silicon Valley

Working in Silicon Valley can be fun. It just sounds cool doesn’t it? That’s a rhetorical question for people who don’t live here and never have. It’s the Tech World’s Mecca, and has a huge concentration of start ups and well-seasoned giants. There’s Google, Facebook and Apple just for starters. Whenever you plonk an industry-full […]

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Expat Jobs: Best websites for finding a US job

Now that you’ve decided to look for a US job the more difficult part begins. Sure you know what the most popular job posting websites are in your own country, but how do you find the good ones in the US? It can depend on the field you’re trying to crack as to where’s best […]

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Expat jobs: 4 tips on applying for US jobs

One of the most daunting parts of moving to the US is jumping into the market for expat jobs. It’s competitive because not only are you competing with those who already live in the US, and are cheaper to hire, you’re also up against those from other countries. So you’ve got to really stand out […]

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Holidays and Vacation Days Around the World

You may have caught me talking about this before, when I did a roundup of etiquette in the US workplace. But it’s come up again, specifically in my quest to get back to Australia for a couple of weeks to see friends, family and renew my visa. I’ve worked at a non-descript Californian office for […]

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The perfect position for puppies and pooches

It’s funny because it’s not a thing, right? Right? WRONG! (or maybe right) Today a thoughtful colleague passed on a recently posted job ad that totally blew my mind. Mapbox, a US map design company, need an office dog. And they’re willing to pay for the privilege. In what world is “Office Dog” a job […]

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When you put your foot in it…

This is going to be a short one, but it will detail just another time where I crammed my gigantic foot inside my equally-large mouth. I guess you could put it down to a case of words bypassing the brain and going straight for the gob…or fingers in this case. I returned from my usual […]

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Working in the US – the etiquette that makes all the difference

Moving to the US was about more than just experiencing a new country – it was also going to be my first insight into the corporate office world. My previous work life was spent mucking around in newsrooms which, I’ve since learned, is not the same thing. In fact, it’s a vastly different kettle of […]

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