I love running. If you get the right downhill can feel like flying. Other times it feels like wading through quicksand, but let’s not dwell on that.

Not everyone shares my enthusiasm for getting their jog on, so I’ve made a special section for all things run-related, so the non-runners don’t have to sort through.

In particular I adore my running coach Zoey, who took me from trotting 50-metres at a time in between leaning against trees gasping for breath to two half marathons. I also love her awesome support group of runners of all fitness levels and distances – Operation Move.

But I was smack in the middle of training for the 2015 San Francisco Marathon, which would have been my first, when I was injured. I tore the cartilage inside my hip joint – also known as a circumferential tear of the acetabular labrum.

I’m stubborn though. These posts are about trying, failing, trying again and slowly getting back to what I love most. 

Running after injury: Becoming a different runner

Before I was injured I was a different runner. It seems like such an obvious statement that it’s almost silly to say. But Denyse Whelan’s Life This Week prompt is “hobbies” and I’ll be damned if I let it roll by without a mention of running. Honestly, though, I thought the way I ran and […]

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Bay to Breakers: A nudie run

When I signed up for Bay to Breakers I didn’t realise that it has been run for more consecutive years than any other race in the world. I also wasn’t notified that people get nude whilst running it. It wouldn’t be San Francisco without some form of getting-your-kit-off I suspect. Although this is highly unsettling […]

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5 things you shouldn’t say to a new cyclist

Welcome to the wonderful world of cross training! I’ll be your host – the still very injured runner, turned very scared cyclist. Of course I use “cyclist” with a sly little smile and a nod to people who are actually able to ride a bike. Because I can’t steer straight and I’m too frightened to […]

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Setting 2017 Running Goals and Picking Events

It’s the time of year where I’m rubbing my hands together with glee – when I’m not glued to the internet looking up race schedules, elevation charts and considering the prospect of new bling. Apologies if you’re not a runner, you’re probably going to think I’m crazy if you make it past the next sentence, […]

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Vancouver Historic Half 10km Race Recap

Spending four days on holiday in a new city and then planning to run a race early on the morning of the fifth is probably not the best race prep you could do. Especially when you spend the preceding four days eating burgers and chips and downing more wine and beer than usual. Although, drinking […]

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Running Away From “What If”…

  I slipped next to my laptop and accidentally registered for a half marathon….the San Francisco Half Marathon to be precise. My arch-nemesis.  Why do I hold this marathon in such high regard? Because I was in training for it when I got injured last year.  It literally broke me. I’ve been in recovery ever […]

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Yoga, Meditation and Running: The Training Triumverate

Sometimes you’ve just got to Yoga. Picture: There are three things about me you should know: I’m horribly uncoordinated, unable to balance, and visibly uncomfortable around people I don’t know and new situations. That’s why I decided to give yoga a go. Because, you know, when in Rome… or California. Obviously, it didn’t go […]

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Getting Back to Running After Injury

I’m running again and it’s fantastic… except I’ve got a bit of extra baggage along for the ride now. The metaphorical kind, of course. Unless you count the kegs I’ve stacked on in the meantime. Have you ever started back at the very beginning of something that you’d conquered before? Compared yourself now to how […]

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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being Lazy

Mr M’s kitty, Mrs Fluff Bottom You know that feeling when you finally sink into the couch after a long day and kind of give up? The “I’m-not-moving-for-anything-or-anyone-let-the-bombs-go-off-around-me” feeling. That’s been my general state of being lately, especially in terms of exercise. Every night I set my alarm for 5am, sure that tomorrow will be […]

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The Egoscue Method to beating running injury pain

When you spend a couple of years running yourself into injury, it seems ludicrous to imagine that getting back to your pre-injured self will happen over a few weeks.  And so it goes with my delightfully injured hip. “Delightfully” in the sense that it is fully injured and refuses to bow to any attempts to […]

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The physio versus physical therapist smackdown!

Heat and ice are every runner’s friend This week I got to compare Australian physiotherapy (known as physio to us) with American Physical Therapy, PT for short (working that out entailed a strange conversation about personal trainers). My PT appointment left me slightly confused and disappointed. I should possibly explain that at home, physiotherapists are […]

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You want steroids? I got me some cortisone!

Warning: If you don’t like the idea of, description or even the words needle, injection or shot, look away now. Also, you may not enjoy the picture below. Whoops, too late, you looked didn’t you? Sorry mate. That’s not a syringe… THIS is a syringe! As you may already know, thanks to this post, I […]

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