How to watch Australian World Cup games from the US

Confession time: I am a World Cup fan and the 2018 World Cup tournament will be the first where I won’t be setting alarms for 1.40AM to watch my favourite teams take to the field. Instead I’m in the US (on the east coast at that), and have no clue how to watch Australian World Cup […]

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A Tasmania road trip (for the hiker, beach & wildlife lover)

Why wouldn’t you take a Tasmania road trip? I know it’s sometimes seen as Australia’s footnote, but really it’s where the Australian landscape, animals and lovely people come together. I’m not going to lie – Tasmania is quiet and laid back – especially for those used to fast-paced city life. But you don’t go on […]

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Scenic World: The world’s steepest railway

Australia is home to the world’s steepest railway line. There are a few caveats that I have to add of course: Australia is home to the steepest cable-driven funicular railway. The world is so awesome and awe-inspiring that these little caveats matter now. There’s probably a steeper non-cable driven funicular railway, but who knows? So if […]

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A Day at Sydney’s Hyde Park Barracks

 I’m guilty of a traveller’s worst sin – seeing more of other countries and cities than your own hometown. Not that Sydney’s a town. But there really are tonnes of tourist attractions, naturally beautiful landscapes and awesome things to see and do. Of which, I’ve done approximately half, although even that count may be a […]

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Traipsing Tasmania’s Overland Track (Part 2)

Tasmania’s Overland Track is not for the feint-hearted. It’s 65 kilometres of hiking – sometimes it feels like we were just hiking uphill to go down and then up again. I know that nature doesn’t really have any regard for my legs and feet, but I wouldn’t have minded a few more flat kilometres on […]

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Trekking Tasmania: The Overland Track (Part 1)

WARNING: The Overland Track is a serious undertaking, requiring well-prepared walkers with a good level of fitness, who understand the risks of walking in a remote alpine area. The weather can change rapidly and frequently, within just a few hours, from burning sun to sleet and snow. Deaths have occurred (even in the middle of summer) […]

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A Visit to Sydney’s Jenolan Caves

Let’s take a detour from the US trips and head back to Australia for a visit to Sydney’s Jenolan Caves. Mr M and I have just returned from a stiflingly humid fortnight in the motherland (yes, that’s what I’m calling Australia now) and I’m full of homesickness and memories. Jenolan Caves are quite a drive […]

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Blue Mountains Jenolan Caves tour (Sydney)

When you’re trying to decide on a Blue Mountains Jenolan Caves tour to take, it can get a little tricky. For starters, the caves are quite a drive away from Sydney proper (about three hours). So once you factor travel time in, you might get one or two Jenolan Caves tours in before you have […]

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Why Australian Animals Aren’t That Deadly…

“I’d love to visit Australia but… I’m scared of all the killer animals there.” A variation of this sentence has been uttered to me by many, many people since I started travelling at 16. It doesn’t matter where I went – Malta, Italy, London, Belgium, Germany, America – everyone thinks Australia is crawling with mutant, […]

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Why Aussies can’t say “No” and other linguistic failures

That’s not my name! “Can I have the chicken salad and a bottle of water please?” “Sorry?” “I just wanted to order the chicken salad. And a water.” *confused look* “I don’t understand you.” I’ll spare you the entirety of this conversation, suffice to say it ended when I did my best Charlie Chaplin impression […]

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